myWood 3-layer boards from our factory in Polomka are known for their high quality. Our boards are characterized not only by a visually perfect surface but also by great static values. The static approval from the german institute for construction "DIBT" was assigned in 2006.

The base for this extraordinary strong product is the mountain wood from the nearby "lower Tatra mountains". The climatatic distinctiveness of the Tatra Area in combination with the high altitude ensures high quality sawn timber with only little knots and small annual rings.

High-Quality Processing

The sawn timber for the production of the surface decks are chosen and sorted by the strict criteria of EN13017 for the construction of furniture and interior fittings. The cover layer and the middle layer are made of slats that where sorted by their regidity according to DIN 4047-1. All slats are glued together on the edges before the single layers will be pressed toghether by putting glue between the layers and pressing the board under high temperature for several minutes. After calibration, grinding and formating the high quality product "myWood 3-layer Premium" comes out of our production to be delivered to our customers ins the whole world.

Suited for many different interior and exterior applications

myWood 3-layer Premium boards are characterized by their extraordinary stability even in case of changing climatic conditions. The boards are stable, stiffening and can bear heavy loads. They are primarily used for interior applications as covering for walls and ceilings. Carpenters like to use our boards to make furniture, shelves, doors or store constructions. Gableboards, garage doors and roof sheatings are some of the outside applications they are used for.

Product line:


Maximal length: 6,0m

Maximal width: 2,5m

Available quality types: B/B, B/C+, B/C, C+/C, C/C

Size in mm: 16, 19, 22, 27, 32, 42
(Special sizes on request)

Bulk density: about 450 kg/m3

Emission-class: E1

natural finish, grinded on
both sides (K60)