New production pallet UPadvanced: Betono Mozaika invests in boards with wooden core and plastic coating from myWood

In 2018 Romas Venculks, managing director and Mantas Malinauskas, technical director of Betono Mozaika decided to invest in production pallets UPadvanced from myWood. After testing a larger number of pallets over several months on a Masa 9001 XL, Betono Mozaika decided to order UPadvanced pallets for 2 production lines (Hess RH 1500 MVA and Masa 9001 XL). Betono Mozaika was looking for pallets with a high flexural strength, a durable surface and ones that would perform well with our kind of curing systems.

The UPadvanced pallet is made with a wooden core and a plastic overlay. myWood started the development of this new product already more than 5 years ago and was able to get the patent for it in 2015. It was tested for more than three years by existing european customers of myWood on a lot of different concrete block machines before starting official sales in beginning of 2018.