UPplus© production boards are always used, where reliable production of perfect concrete products is inalienable.

Our board UPplus© was esspecially designed for the extreme demands of the concrete block industry. The individual plancks for example are kiln dried and moulded with a dovetail joint. The tight fitting and firm conection and lamination of the planks guarantees a flat and homogenuos surface. This in turn ensures the high quality of your concrete products, enhances longevity of the board and reduces cost. The C-Profil edge protection prevents mechanical damage at the edges of the board.

Wood species: red pine, spruce, larch

Thickness: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm (special thickness upon request)

Profil: Double dovetail

Length: 1000mm-1600mm

Width: 500mm-1500mm