myWood briquettes are 100% natural, light-coloured heating briquettes that are produced by pressing pure sawdust from renewable coniferous wood without any chemical binders. myWood briquettes are characterized by a particularly high calorific value of 18.5 - 19.6 MJ/kg. The high pressure ensures a long burning time with low ash production. myWood Premium briquettes are produced from waste wood and are CO2-neutral. The residual ash can be used as a natural plant fertilizer.

Characteristics of myWood briquettes:

Length: 26 - 28 cm
Net calorific value: ca. 18,5-19,6 MJ/kg
Ash content: 0,3-0,5%
Moisture: 8-10%


  • 10 kg packets (104 packets/pallet; 23 pallets/truck)