myWood Pellets consist of 100% renewable resources without any chemical binders. Pure softwood shavings from our board production are used as raw material for myWood Pellets.

We are happy to announce that in February 2013, myWood Pellets became the first wooden pellet manufacturer in Slovakia to receive ENplus A1 certification (ID: SK 001). Therefore, we can guarantee that we are consistently providing our customers with the highest quality pellets available. 

Since we only use dry wood shavings from softwood (0% bark), myWood Pellets come in very light shade. The light color of the Pellets indicates its high quality.

In addition, myWood Pellets are almost dust-free as they are sieved several times during the manufacturing process. Low dust content leads to clean handling and failure-free stove operation.

Characteristics* of myWood Pellets:
Produced according to ENplus A1 from 100% softwood shavings

Length: 10 - 40 mm
Diameter: 6 mm
Net calorific value: 5,0 kWh/kg
Ash content: ≤0,4%
Moisture: ≤10%
Bulk density: ≥650 kg/m³
Mechanical durability: 98,5%
Color: white, very light shade (indicative of superior quality)
Dust content: very low

* Subjects to slight variations with batches.


- 15 kg bags (72 bags/pallet; 22+1/2 pallet/truck; 90x120cm four-way pallets)

A stretch hood protects the pallet from dirt and rain (also from above) and allows it to be stored outdoors for several weeks.

We can send you a small sample of our premium pellets on request to experience its high quality.

In case you are interested in bigger quantities, we can also offer custom printed bags with your company information/brand on it.